Amrithagiri Eco Farm Trust


Amrithagiri Eco Farm Trust is a charitable Trust which was started on….. with an aim to promote the holistic development of individuals – both physical and spiritual. It is a sister concern of Amrithagiri Eco Pvt Ltd. It strives for the wellbeing of people universally irrespective of their caste, creed, colour, religion, language, geographical boundary or any other such fractional denominations. The Trust also integrates the spiritual values of India’s heritage and the modern scientific and technological knowledge. It is devoted to preserving the spiritual and scientific traditions of India, inspiring a sense of creative universal awareness among all sections of people that will make contributions to the larger interests of humanity in tune with the Vedic concept of VASUDHAIVA KUDUMBAKAM, the world is one family.

The ethos of Amrithagiri Eco Farm Trust is based upon the following tenets:

Experiential and Educational Camps

We host workshops and seminars to students on the theme ‘Back to Nature’ by providing hands-on experience on planting trees, tending to them etc. By indulging in the daily chores students and researchers can experience the authentic Vegetarian Kerala Cuisine which has been forgotten.

Mending an Edible Garden

We envisage to create a food forest by growing more vegetable and fruit crops. They can produce sufficient food and flourish without the need for outside management. They enhance both physical and spiritual growth, ensure health and reduce pests. Switch to a plant based diet for a more planet friendly world.

Digital Knowledge

By making use of digital marketing, we target to promote the marketing of products by poor farmers. Alongside this we enable them to overcome problems like poor knowledge of market infrastructure, high transportation cost, price fluctuations etc.

Offering a Helping Hand

We enable the farmers to find a convenient platform by distributing vegetables and fruits to direct customers.

Remedy at your Fingertips

The major systems of indigenous medicines in India are Ayurveda, Unani, Siddha and Tribal /Folk medicines. Kerala is a rich repository of medicinal plants, if properly used, they can be a solution to many ailments. At Amrithagiri, we intent to create a medicinal garden for treating ourselves naturally with what we grow and harvest where we live.

Rejuvenation through Yoga and Meditation

By inculcating Yoga into our daily life we can tap the primal source of our energy. You can experience therapeutic services for Yoga and Meditation at Amrithagiri thereby imparting wellness to your mind, body and soul. Enjoy the elixir of your existence.