Amrithagiri Eco Life Pvt Ltd


Amrithagiri Eco Life, located amidst the luscious greenery of Koothattukulam in the state of Kerala,  aims to promote environment friendly farming, conservation of natural resources and recreating a sustainable living environment. This serene abode of tranquility urges people globally to share, learn and earn knowledge about the rich cultural legacy of Kerala. Our Facilities are :

Calm and serene atmosphere

Our resort provides a cheerful and quiet environment for our guests, allowing them to relish their serene mood.

Library, Prayer Hall, Yoga Hall

We have a library with a diverse assortment of books. There is also a Prayer and Yoga Hall, which can be accessed at a particular time.

Strolling into the nature

Adjoining our resort, is located a hilltop which is both a visual and mental delight. En route, is an enticing scenery with trees on both sides, as well as a viewpoint that will provide the guests with a memorable experience.

Open kitchen facilities

The guests can either prepare their own meals using the available homegrown veggies and fruits, or they can request their respective chefs to prepare food according to their preferences.

Huts and cottages

Another exclusive feature of our resort is that each of our huts and cottages are unique i.e., in our resort, you will not discover a cottage with the same design or pattern. We made an effort to make each hut and home stand out.

Milk from native breeds (A2 milk)

We supply only A2 milk since A1 milk (hybrid) is a regularly consumed milk that can cause a variety of health concerns, including type 1 diabetes, heart disease, digestive disorders, lactose intolerance, and so on. A2 milk, on the other hand, is extremely healthful and beneficial to the development of muscles, bones, and teeth.


At dusk, we switch off electric lights night and use chiradeep to lighten our resort to save electricity and to create a retro atmosphere. This will also be visually appealing to everyone.


We offer a variety of workshops, including ceramics, crafts, and more. Those interested in participating in these activities will have a great time in our session. These seminars will also assist the children in being more aware of and knowledgeable about these activities.

Gaming area

Gaming area is provided to children and adults alike to provide a first hand opportunity to experience nature.

Awareness classes by experts

Classes will be taken by the experts on healthy lifestyle, organic farming etc Also, classes will be given on Apiculture, Permaculture, cow farming,biogas plant etc. Note: This facility will be provided for those guests who visit as a group.

Spa and massaging

Our resort offers spa services, steam baths, and massages under the supervision of a licensed professional. Ayurvedic treatment along with a trained ayurvedic doctor can also be made available within the premises of the resort.

Plant Nursery

Our resort has a plant nursery with a broad variety of plants, including ornamental, medicinal, interior, and outdoor plants. Guests may purchase saplings from our nursery as per their wish.


A waterfall can be seen adjacent to the resort, in which you can bathe and spend some time with nature while admiring the natural beauty.

Outings & Picnics

Our visitors can go on an expedition in the lap of nature and try out their hands on fishing. The fishing area provides live food counters with both vegetarian and non-vegetarian cuisine. (Note: Optional)

Wheelchair assistance

For specially challenged individuals wheelchair assistance will be provided. Cradle facilities are also available for infants.


There are places where you can take excellent photographs.


There are outlets inside our resort, there you can buy organic drinks, vegetables, fruits etc at reasonable prices.

Solar panels

Solar panels are used within the resort premises as part of energy conservation.

Conference hall

We have a spacious conference hall for small gatherings and get togethers.

Complimentary Facilities



Game Area



Room Service





Music system