With the help of likeminded people who have contributed to us foreseeing the good cause for which we support, Amritagiri Org has formulated two more ventures.

Amrithagiri Eco Farm Trust

Amrithagiri Eco Farm Trust is a charitable Trust which was started on….. with an aim to promote the holistic development of individuals – both physical and spiritual.

Amrithagiri Eco Life Pvt LTD

Amrithagiri Eco Life, located amidst the luscious greenery of Koothattukulam in the state of Kerala,  aims to promote environment friendly farming.

Amrithagiri Org


At Amrithagiri Org, the major focus is on finding ways to develop one’s health without harming his natural habitat. Dated back in ____ (year, date and reg no), the organization initiated as In accordance with the State Government’s of Kerala policy on Organic Farming in 2008, which was an initiative to promote organic, natural and other eco-friendly farming methods, Amrithagiri Org strictly follows Organic Farming.

Why Amritagiri Eco Farm Trust?


Experiential & Educational Camps

We host workshops and seminars to students on the theme ‘Back to Nature’ by providing hands-on experience on planting trees, tending to them etc.

Mending an Edible Garden

We envisage to create a food forest by growing more vegetable and fruit crops. They can produce sufficient food and flourish without the need for outside management.

Digital Knowledge

By making use of digital marketing, we target to promote the marketing of products by poor farmers. Alongside this we enable them to overcome problems.

Rejuvenation through Yoga and Meditation

By inculcating Yoga into our daily life we can tap the primal source of our energy. You can experience therapeutic services for Yoga and Meditation at Amritagiri thereby imparting wellness to your mind, body and soul. Enjoy the elixir of your existence.



Our Aim

Our ultimate aim is to utilise the natural resources without destroying the ecological balance.

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Internal Spirit & soul cleansing

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About Amritagiri Eco Pvt LTD

Amritagiri Eco Life, located amidst the luscious greenery of Koothattukulam in the state of Kerala.

Calm and serene atmosphere

Our resort provides a cheerful and quiet environment for our guests, allowing them to relish their serene mood.

Library, Prayer Hall, Yoga Hall

We have a library with a diverse assortment of books. There is also a Prayer and Yoga Hall, which can be accessed at a particular time.

Strolling into the nature

Adjoining our resort, is located a hilltop which is both a visual and mental delight.

Open kitchen facilities

The guests can either prepare their own meals using the available homegrown veggies and fruits.

Huts and cottages

Another exclusive feature of our resort is that each of our huts and cottages are unique.

Video Gallery


Make your way to complete health

Make your way to complete health
  • Make your way to complete health

    Make your way to complete health
  • New & Free Styles of Yoga

    New & Free Styles of Yoga

  • Why you should do Yoga

    Why you should do Yoga

Amrithagiri Org

Amrithagiri Org is a preparatory school which envisages the holistic and spiritual development of people through Community development, Good Health and Wellbeing, Qualitative Value Based Education, Mindfulness and a deep sense of connectedness towards Mother Nature.