Who and What We Are

Amrithagiri Eco Life is a social venture, promoted by Sathkarma Foundation. Dated back in ___ (year, date and reg no),  the organization initiated in accordance with the Kerala State Government’s Policy on Organic Farming in 2008, to promote organic, natural and other eco-friendly farming methods. With Mr Denny Thomas Chempazha and Mrs Jyothisha Chempazha as the pivotal figures, Amrithagiri Eco Life has been able to promote sustainable Eco Living.

At Amritagiri, we strive for reviving our long lost traditions, customs, food habits, our indigenous medicines and embracing our antiquity. Our ultimate aim is to utilise the natural resources without destroying the ecological balance. We anticipate retrieving the nostalgic heritages and practises once prevalent in Kerala.

With the help of likeminded people who have contributed to us, foreseeing the good cause for which we support, like NGO’s, Political and Spiritual leaders, Gurujis from the mighty Himalayas, different organizations, good hearted well wishers etc we have evolved into working for the betterment and restoration of good old traditions.

Our major attractions include a Plant Nursery wherein  attractive plants indoor and outdoor plants are sold along with locally grown spices. We also promote Animal Husbandry by raising and rearing native breeds of cow, hen, goat etc.

In compliance with Sathkarma Trust, the several branches of Amrithagiri located in different parts of India aims to provide financial & medical assistance, donating food and clothes to the underprivileged people belonging to the respective vicinities,  especially places where there are harsh climatic conditions.

We aim to collaborate with Ayush, IMF, WHO, UN and will strive to be  validated according to their decorum.

Embracing the philosophy of “Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam” which sees the world coming together as one family. Our ideologies are based on this.